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HISTORY – About us

Diril Cymbals is an acoustic drum cymbal company founded in Turkey by the master Ibrahim Diril in 2008 based Samsun. Ibrahim started his business at the age of 17, working for other brands, getting expert in the making cymbals and working with international companies. The Italian distribution for Diril Cymbals by Janara Distribution was born in May 2018 exclusively across national territory. The close relationship with Ibrahim has allowed the company to create a strong relationship that goes beyond the professional side, making “Diril Cymbals Italia” the most known European distribution. That’s why Ibrahim gave us the possibility to go beyond and create an european distribution.

FEATURES – General infos you could need to know:

Diril Cymbals are produced in Diril’s factory in Turkey. They are fully professional (suitable for both studio and live), handmade (handcrafted from the application of the metal to the printing of the logo) in B20 alloy. They are designed following the rules of the Turkish tradition, but with attention given to new needs and modern technologies. Ibrahim writes on his international website, which he does not use and will never use machines for making cymbals. This allows the products to have their own soul and sound, with specific features which are unique to each individual element.

VARIETY OF SOUNDS – You can’t imagine how many series we offer!

The Diril Cymbals series are numerous and embrace all possible sounds. They range from very dark sounds (HammerXL, Raw, Shehrazad) to bright ones (Raw Bell, Shiny, Hazor) through traditional series (Traditional, AD, Special) up to products with modern, complex and refined frequencies (Primitive, Sweet Custom Gold Logo, Janara).

The great variety of products we offer therefore allows you to always find the right cymbal for each different musical taste from the amateur and professional musician.


Nowadays we believe that being able to have a unique product, custom in each detail in your hands is really important. This is why we have decided to offer our customers a customization service for drum cymbals. If you have an idea for an innovative product, or you simply want your own sound, we can help you to create what you are looking for. We guide the musician, step by step, to realize the custom idea.

ENDORSEMENT / COLLABORATION PROGRAM – Our artists are our family

In Janara we know how important is to have a team, a well-organized asnd familiar team. Our artists are first of all our dearest friends. We strongly believe in people who give us help, because, at the end, music has to do just that: TO UNITE PEOPLE. And it is exactly for this reason that we carefully select anch check each drummer according to strict criteria. The criteria can be summarized as it follows:

  • Passion for music, and for the brand;
  • Wide, constant and recognized presence on social networks and on the web;
  • Important teaching activity;
  • Decent amount of live shows activity.

CUSTOMER CARE PROGRAM – Need help with your choice? CONTACT US!

That’s it! We are happy to give advices on our products. We are therefore very pleased to recommend the right sound for every musical and stylistic taste! You can contact us on Facebook on our Janara Drums & Distribution page or on Diril cymbals Italia&Europe, or by email on janaradistribution@gmail.com. or dirilcymbalsitalia@gmail.com

HERE ARE SOME USEFUL LINKS! – In this way you can immediately discover some of our products

Well, you have joined the CODE DRUM HEADS world and here are, respectively, the links of THREE of our products on our site and the link of DIRIL in the world a: